IGA Board of Directors Election 2020-2023 starting 30 June 2019

The election for the IGA Board of Directos will start on 30…
14. June 2019/by Gregor

Join the World REnew Day!

In what will become an annual, global event, REnew Day is a…
7. June 2019/by Gregor

IGA Annual General Meeting – Auckland, New Zealand

We express our thanks to the The University of Auckland and…
31. May 2019/by Gregor

IGA Board Meeting #70/ Candidates approved for the IGA Board 2020-2023

At the IGA Board Meeting #70 in Budapest, Hungary hosted by…
31. May 2019/by Gregor

IGA first Annual Report is out now

It gives you an overview on all our activities and important…
31. May 2019/by Gregor

New BOOK: Geothermal Well Test Analysis

Description:Comprehensive overview of well testing methodologies…
22. May 2019/by Gregor

41st New Zealand Geothermal Workshop

Innovation and the Future of Geothermal in a…
20. May 2019/by Gregor

Geothermal Exploration Book – Sale extended

Dear Geothermal Community,

since we are still receiving many…
15. May 2019/by Gregor

A tribute to Ladsi Rybach

‘Ladsi Rybach is one of the best known and respected proponents…
6. May 2019/by Margaret

Geothermal Student Days in Canada

This meeting is the first of its kind to be held in
26. April 2019/by IGA Team

Submission of Expressions of Interest (EOI) to Host the WGC 2023

The International Geothermal Association (IGA) seeks Expressions…
21. April 2019/by Gregor

Nominations for the IGA Board 2020-2023

Diversity, passion and commitment. Leadership, vision and dedication.

22. March 2019/by Gregor

UNFC Ethiopia

The IGA and its partners World Bank and IRENA with
its Global…
19. March 2019/by Marit

Granite Green Energy in Cornwall

On February 18 and 19 the IGA Team visited the United Downs…
19. March 2019/by Marit

Successful Baltic Symposium & Geotherm

The Baltic Symposium featured 12 country
presentations and a…
19. March 2019/by Margaret

Geothermal meets Solar in Sofia

On the 7th
and 8th of March 2019, the partners of the GSS-VET…
19. March 2019/by Gregor

New Academic Job Opening!

A position of a University Professor for the Chair of Geothermal…
14. March 2019/by Gregor

Beyond electricity – Geothermal Energy development is picking up

International Geothermal Association (IGA) – as the international
21. February 2019/by Gregor