Recordings of “Facts for Future” Webinars Now Available!

25. November 2023/by Gregor

Black Friday Special at 20% Off Frost Guard Beanies!

23. November 2023/by Gregor

Join Us for Young Energy Talks Session #3: Exploring New Frontiers in Geothermal

22. November 2023/by Gregor

Join the Adventure: FrostGuard Beanie Launch & Team Challenge at!

21. November 2023/by Gregor

Upcoming Webinars in IGA’s “Facts for Future” Series Spotlight Geothermal Heating, Cooling, and Power Generation

16. November 2023/by Gregor

IGA Launches ‘Facts for Future’ Webinar Series with Resounding Success

16. November 2023/by Gregor

Join Our Webinar Series “Facts for Future”: Navigating Geothermal Data on the Road to COP28

13. November 2023/by Gregor

Global Geothermal Update 2023: IGA unveils new key Geothermal Power & Direct Use data

13. November 2023/by Gregor

Welcome Helen Robinson: Our New Regional Manager for Africa

1. November 2023/by Gregor

IGA to Participate in “Resourcing Tomorrow” Event from 28-30 November 2023

31. October 2023/by Gregor

Call for Professionals: Marketing & Social Media Manager

24. October 2023/by Gregor

Survey: Please let us know your opinion

23. October 2023/by Gregor

Join Us for Young Energy Talks Session #2 on 8 November!

18. October 2023/by Gregor

Geothermal Paper Database Update: WGC2023 proceedings

18. October 2023/by Gregor

Transformative Moments Lead to Action: Introducing Young Energy Talks!

28. September 2023/by Gregor

GEOLAC 2023 – Join the 10th Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean

27. September 2023/by Gregor

Join IGA’s Exclusive WhatsApp Community for Real-time Updates, Exclusive News, and Special Discounts!

27. September 2023/by Gregor

WGC2023 Youth Forum Declaration

24. September 2023/by Gregor