About WING

WINGs mission is to promote the education, professional development, and advancement of women in the geothermal community.

This group is for anyone who is interested in supporting and engaging with women in the geothermal industry - so that means current WING members, those interested in joining WING (its free to join just let me know you want in), friends of WINGs, and our support crew out there (yes that means you WINGmen too!).

The focus for the next year is 'Bringing us Together'; gathering the coalition of the willing; networking through events; having conversations through our Linked In and Facebook pages; and old fashioned talking to each other!

This group page is a place where you can let the WING community know what you're up to, share some good papers/readings/info, post some cool geothermal photos, ask for help/support (including dumb questions - its a safe place), talk about geeky geothermal stuff that your friends and family arent interested in, ideas about cool stuff we want to do, ask technical questions and get to know the other WINGs on the planet.

The hope is that through WING you will empower one another! CHARGE!!!!

Roadmap to Iceland 2020

To see our plan for the next years, check out our 'Roadmap to Iceland 2020'. You can download it here.


We work hard at WING to help our women in the geothermal industry worldwide. But as a not-for-profit organisation we rely solely on sponsorship from companies and individuals. If you are interested in sponsoring WING we have some great sponsorship packages available, no matter your budget, and we promise we will make it worth your while! For more information contact info@womeningeothermal.com