Report released on "Skills and Occuptational Needs in Renewable Energy"

The ILO and the EU recently released the report "Skills and Occuptational Needs in Renewable Energy". The IGA contributed sector-specific data on geothermal energy.

Some findings of the report "Skills and Occuptational Needs in Renewable Energy" are as follows:

Employment in renewable energy is not just located in the energy-producing sector. The renewable energy value chain encompasses: manufacture and distribution of renewable energy equipment; renewable energy project development; construction and installation work associated with the development of renewable energy capacity; operation and maintenance of renewable energy facilities; and a range of cross-cutting activities that contribute to more than one of the other value chain stages.

The following professions are required in geothermal projects:
Hydrologists, hydrogeologists, geologists, geophysicists, chemical laboratory technicians, debt financiers, EIA specialists, plant managers, measurement and control engineers, welders, pipe fitters, plumbers, drilling technicians, drilling engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians, equipment operators, procurement specialists, architects, public relations officers, etc.

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