REN21 Steering Committee meeting in Paris & MEXIREC

A brief report on the meeting is presented and a REN21 press release on the MEXIREC.

On 5 - 6 December 2016 the REN21 held its annual REN21 Steering Committee meeting in Paris. Marietta Sander represented the geothermal sector on behalf of the IGA. In case you do not know who REN21 is, you find an introduction online: The IGA is one of the REN21 Steering Committee member and actively advises the REN21 on geothermal energy topics.

Topics discussed among REN21 Steering Committee members in Paris included:

  • Recommendations to the draft Global Futures Report, 
  • The REN21 workplan for 2017 and recommendations from the REN21 SC members, 
  • The audited financial report 2015, and 
  • The launch of the MEXIREC (Mexican International Renewable Energy Conference). 

Please view the REN21 press release on the MEXIREC and share it with your colleagues.


****** MEDIA RELEASE ****** 

6 December, 2016


The Government of Mexico announced today that it has teamed up with REN21 – the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century - to organise the next International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) in Mexico from 11-13 September 2017, within the framework of the Strategic Dialogues on the Future of Energy.

Dedicated exclusively to the renewable energy sector, IREC is a high-level political conference series hosted by a national government every two years and convened by REN21. Each IREC acts as a common platform for government, private sector and civil society leaders to jointly address the goal of advancing renewable energy and has provided the impetuses for several momentous initiatives over the past decade. IREC 2017 in Mexico will continue to build upon the successes and outcomes of the previous conferences held in South Africa (2015), Abu Dhabi (2013), Delhi (2010), Washington D.C (2008), Beijing (2005) and Bonn (2004).

On the announcement, the Secretary of Energy of Mexico, Mr. Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, commented: “Latin America has an opportunity to showcase its rapidly growing renewable energy industry and gain from the best practice as adopted in countries at the forefront of renewable energy deployment. Mexico, after having successfully completed its energy market reform, is well placed to host such an event and we are honored to partner with REN21 in this endeavour.”

Dr. Arthouros Zervos, Chair of REN21, added: “REN21 is pleased that Mexico will be the next IREC host. We are convinced that MEXIREC will further boost Latin America’s emerging renewable energy industry and provide a global platform showcasing how renewable energy sources provide a significant opportunity to improve energy security, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, ensure sustainable development and significantly improve socio-economic development.”

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