IGA Bylaws Amendment - call for vote

A bylaws amendment with respect to regional branches is proposed to the membership.

At the IGA’s BoD meeting held in Reykjavik, Iceland on 29 April 2016, the following bylaws amendments were proposed and are herewith tabled to all IGA members.

Motion 63-2 was carried by the IGA Board of Directors and reads as follows:

To approve the bylaws changes as recommended by the bylaws committee with the exception of Art. 15 c which shall read: ‘The geographic boundaries of Regions will be defined by the IGA Board of Directors, may not overlap geographically, and shall include at least two countries located in the same region of the world’.

Moved by Gutierrez-Negrín, seconded by Sadiq. 1 abstention, 0 against. Carried

The new bylaws text reads as follows. The underlined parts are the proposed amendments:

Art. 15 - Regional Branches

c. A Regional Branch must consist of at least 50 IGA Members (of any category defined in Art. 4) based or working in a country located within a Region. The geographic boundaries of Regions will be defined by the IGA Board of Directors, may not overlap geographically, and shall include at least two countries located in the same region of the world. Members of a Regional Branch must all be IGA Members.

d. Membership of the Branch is voluntary; all IGA Members living or working within the area covered by the Regional Branch (including members of the founding Affiliated Organizations) are free to become members or otherwise. Only Members who have notified the Secretariat of the Regional Branch of their wish to join the Branch shall be considered members of the Regional Branch for the purposes of establishing this quorum or having voting rights, etc., within the Branch. 

e. The IGA Secretariat of the Regional Branch shall maintain a list of IGA members who have opted to become members of the Regional Branch. This list shall be the only official list of Regional Branch members. The IGA Secretariat shall inform all IGA members whenever a Regional Branch is formed, or dissolved.

f. Members wishing to resign from a Regional Branch must notify the Secretariat of the Regional Branch in writing to this effect. The Branch Forum (see Art. 15(h) and (l) below) may establish a rule specifying a period of notice before resignations can take effect, such period of notice not to exceed 6 months.

p. Should membership, defined as the number of IGA Members residing or working in the region and who are registered with the Secretariat of the Regional Branch as wishing to participate in the Branch activities, fall below the level defined in Art. 15(c), the Board of Directors may decide to abolish the Branch. The Regional Forum shall be given six months' written notice of such a decision, within which period the Executive Committee may reverse the decision should it consider that the circumstances leading to the decision have changed materially. On abolition, any financial assets of the Branch may be reassigned at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.

To complete the ratification process on the amended bylaws, IGA members are invited to vote by sending an e-mail to the Secretariat (iga@remove-this.hs-bochum.de). The deadline for the vote is Thursday, 1stSeptember, 2016. Your voting options are ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you do not send an Email to us until the indicated deadline, we assume that your vote is positive regarding the bylaws amendment.

If you wish to read the full text of the IGA bylaws please read it online: www.geothermal-energy.org/about_the_iga/by_laws.html