European Geothermal PhD Day 2015 in The Netherlands in Feb. 2015

From 25-27 Feb. 2015 the 6th European PhD Day will take place.

The upcoming European Geothermal PhD Day covers a broad range of disciplines, not only limited to geosciences, engineering or chemistry, but also including topics on economics, law or social studies. The scale of presentations ranges from continental overviews, nations and regions to specific geothermal fields, reservoirs or even micro-structures.

The goal of the European Geothermal PhD Day is to bring together PhD students working on geothermal energy topics.  By presenting their work participants are able to receive constructive feedback and revisit their work from a different perspective. Both aspects should prove helpful in preparing a full article for a peer-reviewed submission. Furthermore, collaboration options for future academic or non-academic careers in geothermal energy can be explored.

Website of the event: