Call for nominations for 2013-2016 IGA Directors

IGA members can nominate IGA Board members by petition until 15 March 2013.

An election for the 2013–2016 term of the IGA Board of Directors must be held before mid-July 2013. The permanent Nominating Committee of the IGA is currently compiling a list of candidates for the election. Most of these candidates will be nominated from the 35 affiliated member organizations of the IGA. However, through Article 13c of the IGA Bylaws, a candidate may also be nominated for the Board of Directors through a petition signed by at least 30 current members of the IGA. The Nominating Committee hereby notifies members that any such petition must reach the Executive Director of the IGA before Friday 15 March 2013. This deadline is final and petitions reaching the IGA after that date will not be accepted.