IGA International Geothermal Company and Expert Pool - registration form

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The IGA created the International Geothermal Company and Expert Pool with the aim of providing hints on geothermal expertise for the geothermal industry, project developers and governmental representatives. We herewith wish to open networking and recruitment opportunities for entities in need of experts - and experts/ company representatives looking for short/ longer term employment opportunities to become involved in projects.
The IGA hopes that this matchmaking platform will help partners to recruit suitable personnel fast and direct.
For the company/ expert applying:
This database will be publically available and is fed by you. The details marked with a star (*) need to be filled in by you and are displayed on the website. Other information is optional. If you wish, you can upload technical papers, your CV and photo which will then also be made visible to website users. In case you do not wish your name and other mandatory details to be displayed, please add a comment on step 3 of this form or send us an E-Mail to iga@hs-bochum.de explaining your request. We understand that people in employment do not wish their employers to see their profile displayed online. We will then impersonalize the profile and only publish certain details to others after your written approval.
All fields marked with * are mandatory. Please also send enclosed with your application:
1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
2. Reference projects (including work input, country, your role description, financial project outline, project objectives)
3. Technical papers

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