UNFC 2009 Working Group

In an MoU signed in September 2014, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and IGA agreed to pursue a common goal with respect to producing a standard global classification scheme for geothermal energy consistent with the UNFC-2009 framework. It was also agreed that the IGA represents the best platform and international umbrella to develop specifications and guidelines for the application of UNFC-2009 to geothermal energy, and to maintain evergreen the texts in a manner consistent with their proper application through regular and periodic review.

On 15 October 2014, the IGA issued a call for volunteers interested in joining a Working Group to draft the geothermal specifications for the UNFC-2009. IGA collected expressions of interest until 12 December 2014, with some 40 applications received. The applications were reviewed and ranked by a selection committee composed of Graeme Beardsmore (Chair of the IGA R&R Committee), Gioia Falcone (member of the IGA R&R Committee; member of the Task Force on Renewables; member of the EGRC Bureau and Leader of the Working Group) and Alison Thompson (IGA BoD member). On the recommendation of the selection committee, 11 invitations were issued (and accepted), resulting in the appointment of a 12-member Working Group on 15 January 2015.

The task of the Working Group is to develop the geothermal specifications as a ‘manual’. That is, a combination of rules of application and non-mandatory guidelines/examples. This approach aims at maximizing the usability and adoption of the documents.

The members of the Working Group are:

Gioia Falcone (Germany)


Miklos Antics (France)

Endorsed by EGEC

Roy Baria (UK)

ex-Chief Scientist, Soultz EGS project/Technical Director EGS Energy

Larry Bayrante (Philippines)


Paolo Conti (Italy)

Endorsed by UGI

Malcolm Grant (New Zealand)

Endorsed by NZGA

Rob Hogarth (Australia)

Former head of BHP-Billiton’s petroleum reserves team

Egill Juliusson (Iceland)


Harmen F. Mijnlieff (Netherlands)

Endorsed by Dutch Geothermal Platform

Annamaria Nádor (Hungary)

Member of EuroGeoSurveys

Greg Ussher (New Zealand)

SKM Jacobs

Kate Young (USA)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory