We present here internal publications organized or written by the R&R committee or members of the committee.

Geothermal Energy Science (GtES) special issues

The Editorial team of the Journal decided to publish two special issues with regard to topics related to Reserves & Resources. Those are:


Special issues


"Geothermal Play Types – Categories and worldwide cases"
Eds. I. Moeck


"Estimation and Classification of Geothermal Potential - A Global Review"
Eds. G. Beardsmore

On 27 March 2013 IFC (International Finance Corporation), a member of the Word Bank Group, together with the International Geothermal Association launched the project


in Istanbul, Turkey. The Presentations outline procedures and exploration techniques for geothermal projects and provides guidelines for presenting a geothermal project to funding entities and insurance companies. A focus is placed on high temperature geothermal resources for electricity generation.

The  International Finance Corporation)(IFC), a member of the Word Bank Group, together with the International Geothermal Association published in 2014 the Best Practice Guide for Geothermal Exploration, edited by Colin Harvey and written by: Graeme Beardsmore, Horst Rueter, and Inga Moeck. The guide is available from the IGA Secretariat.

On the 10th November 2014, the IGA issued a Call for Proposals for a consultant to produce:

A case study, with explanatory notes, on the application of either the 'Australian Geothermal Reporting Code' or the 'Canadian Geothermal Code for Public Reporting' to a geothermal resource/reserve assessment of a specific country/region.

The IGA received eighteen proposals, which were assessed and ranked by a sub-committee composed of Graeme Beardsmore (Chair of R&R Committee), Paul Brophy (Chair of Finance Committee) and Luis Carlos Gutiérrez-Negrín (Chair of Information Committee). On the recommendation of the sub-committee, the IGA invited Jacobs engineering group to prepare the case study and notes. Jacobs produced the following documents:

Statement of the Geothermal Resources and Reserves of Nicaragua
Download (4,4 MB)
This document presents Jacobs' resource and reserve estimates for a range of geothermal sites in Nicaragua in a manner compliant with the reqiurements of the Australian Geothermal Reporting Code.

Statement of the Geothermal Resources and Reserves of Nicaragua – Explanatory Notes
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This document describes how the structure and content of the associated statement relate to the requirements of the Australian Geothermal Reporting Code.

The IGA commissioned these documents to provide a public example of how the Australian Geothermal Reporting Code (or the closely related Canadian Geothermal Code for Public Reporting) could be applied in practice. While the IGA "recognizes the 2nd edition [of the Australian Geothermal Reporting Code] as a useful and appropriate document" (52nd IGA BoD meeting, Bochum, March 2011), it does not suggest that the code is the best or only method for the public reporting of geothermal resources and reserves. In addition, by providing these documents the IGA does not necessarily endorse the specific resource assessment methods employed by Jacobs.

The work was financially supported by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) of the World Bank Group.