Essen Workshop, November 2013

Motivation and Objectives of the workshop

It is becoming increasingly apparent to the IGA that a lack of clear global guidelines and standards is holding back the assessment of geothermal energy as a viable energy option at a global scale. A proper comparison of different energy options in different locations requires globally consistent methods for assessing and classifying energy potential. A global assessment of geothermal potential, however, is hindered on at least two fronts. Firstly, national agencies in many parts of the world have no experience or guidelines as to how to assess, quantify and classify their local geothermal potential. Secondly, those agencies that have assessed geothermal potential within their jurisdictions have developed and used their own local methodologies and terminologies that are not necessarily comparable with other jurisdictions.


The IGA convened a workshop on 14 November 2013 in Essen, Germany, to mobilize its membership (representing the global geothermal sector) to address two relevant issues:

The program was divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The general format of both sessions was a series of short invited presentations followed by open discussion and debate. The presentations can be downloaded following the links below.

Morning Session

Examples of existing schemes used around the world for assessing and classifying geothermal potential in terms of technical feasibility, economic viability and level of confidence, and an introduction to the UNFC-2009 classification scheme for Renewables.

Graeme Beardsmore; IGA, Australia
2.03 MBDownload
USA: current status
Paul Brophy; EGS Inc, USA
4.27 MBDownload
East Africa: current status
Peter Omenda; GDC, Kenya
10.48 MBDownload
Indonesia: current status
Suryantini; INAGA/API, Indonesia
1.2 MBDownload
Japan: current status
Kasumi Yasukawa; AIST, Japan
6.46 MBDownload
AGEA/CanGEA Reporting Codes
Jim Lawless; IGA, New Zealand
288.11 KBDownload
Defining "Geothermal Potential"
Ladislaus Rybach; ETH Zurich, Switzerland
3.3 MBDownload
UNFC-2009 Scheme
Gioia Falcone; TU Clausthal, Germany
1.07 MBDownload

Afternoon session

Case studies of different geological settings prospective for geothermal systems.

Geothermal Plays in Geologic Settings
Inga Moeck; Univ. of Alberta, Canada
3.07 MBDownload
Convective, Convergent Margins Plays
Jim Lawless; IGA, New Zealand
2.24 MBDownload
Convective, Divergent Margins Plays
Benedikt Steingrimsson; ISOR, Iceland
5.84 MBDownload
Convective, Intrusive, Extensional Plays
Luis Gutiérrez-Negrín; Geothermal Assoc., Mexico
4.03 MBDownload
Convective, Intrusive, Convergent Plays
Adele Manzella; CNR-IGG, Italy
8.6 MBDownload
Convective, Non-Magmatic Plays
Inga Moeck; Univ. of Alberta, Canada
4.2 MBDownload
Conductive, Intracratonic Plays
Miklos Antics; GPC-IP, France
7.15 MBDownload
Conductive, Orogenic Plays
Steve Grasby; NR Canada
14.35 MBDownload
Conductive, Basement Plays
Graeme Beardsmore; IGA, Australia
5.37 MBDownload