Six IGA Academy Short Courses are offered at the WGC in Melbourne

Registration is still open for the six IGA Academy short courses prior and after the WGC.

1. Geothermal Well Drilling, Completion, and Testing (2 days; Fee: $360AU =  270 USD)

2. Scaling and Corrosion in Geothermal Development (2 days; Fee: $360AU =  270 USD)

3. Reservoir Engineering, and reservoir management (2 days; Fee: $360AU =  270 USD)

4. Electricity generation from low temperature resources (2 days; Fee: $360AU =  270 USD)

5. Reducing Drilling Risk (3 days; Fee: $540AU = 410 USD)

6. The sixth course will be held in Taupo, New Zealand, from Sunday April 25th to Tuesday April 27th and focuses on ‘Geothermal Policy and implementation, the New Zealand example’. It includes a field trip to power stations and thermal areas and a networking dinner in Rotorua. (3 days, $592AU = 450 USD)

Course participants include professional scientists and engineers who work, or intend to work, in the geothermal industry, students, and managers who wish to gain more technical understanding of the issues involved in developing and managing a geothermal project.

Further course descriptions are available online: If you wish to register for a course, please send an Email to: