IGA joined IRENA Finance Workshop

From 22-23 Sept. a Geothermal Finance Workshop was held in Columbia.

From 22-23 Sept. 2015 the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) organised the workshop 'Financing Geothermal Development in the Andes'. Workshop objectives were to identify the main barriers that Andean countries face in financing geothermal projects and to look at options how geothermal risks can be minimised. Best practices and innovative project financing models were presented and shared among workshop participants. The IGA colleague Marietta Sander contributed with an input on the 'Global geothermal market and Investment opportunities'. The audience included representatives from the five Andean countries Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, private sector representatives, insurance companies, development partners, consultants and colleagues from Mexico, Iceland, Germany, El Salvador and elsewhere. The Workshop presentations and photos will soon be shared on the IRENA Website in the event section: www.irena.org/events/eventsarc.aspx.

The Workshop Agenda can be downloaded. Workshop photos can be viewed in the following.