IGA Board election for the period 2016-2019 started

All IGA members are invited to vote for up to 30 candidates until 19 July 2016.

Since Friday 20 May 2016 the online voting platform for the Board of Directors election is accessible:
www.geothermal-energy.org/bod_election_2016.html. All IGA members are invited to vote for up to 30 Board candidates with their personal login details until Tuesday, 19 July 2016. All Board candidates including their statements are displayed online: www.geothermal-energy.org/bod_election_2016/candidate_statements.html.

The new IGA Board of Directors will commence their work in October 2016 and be active until October 2019. Usually, the IGA Board consists of 30 Board members representing many different countries (see current Board members list: www.geothermal-energy.org/about_the_iga/bod_members_committees.html. At the upcoming Board meeting in Addis Ababa at the end of October, the new and the old Board will meet. New IGA committee chairs will be elected also. The IGA officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) are elected internally beforehand. IGA committees and their members are displayed online: www.geothermal-energy.org/about_the_iga/bod_members/commitees.html.

Feel free to also check the IGA members online login area where you can see the latest IGA Newsletter and Board meeting minutes and reports: www.geothermal-energy.org/login.html.

If you are an IGA member and missing your login details, please do not hesitate to contact us:
iga@remove-this.hs-bochum.de | support@remove-this.geothermal-energy.org.