IGA at the COP21 in Paris

On 7 Dec. the COP21 Energy Day was held.

On Monday 7 December 2015 the Energy Day was celebrated at the COP21 in Paris. The IGA together with the other REN Alliance partner associations used this opportunity to showcase viable joint renewable energy case studies. The lessons learnt presented showed how renewables can work together cohesively in regions and countries and thereby mitigate climate change.

The climate change conference in Paris (COP21) reaffirms recent developments:

  1. Renewables provide viable sollutions to decarbonize economies.
  2. RE costs have decreased dramatically.
  3. Launching of Strategic alliances such as the Global Geothermal Alliance assist in climate change mitigation.
  4. Technical, financial and other barriers can be overcome - the political is the driving force in decarbonizing economies and stopping climate change.
  5. Countries representing more than 90% of the global economy have submitted pledges (INDCs in COP terminology) to reduce their emissions.

One strategic solution presented included the forming of strategic partnerships. In the sector IRENA launched the Global Geothermal Alliance which shall address policy and investment challenges and help create the conditions for a rapid expansion of geothermal resource use. The Alliance aims to overcome existing barriers and significantly increase geothermal resource use. Working with the Alliance will also help to overcome knowledge gaps and create practical people's networks across continents.

Global Geothermal Alliance launch

COP21 group panel

REN booth