Happy Birthday to us!

Today, on 6th July 1988 in Auckland, New Zealand the IGA was born!

On this wonderful day, we would like to share with you this short story of how we were born.

The idea to create IGA dates back to 70s, long before it was officially established. It was first discussed at the UN Symposium on Geothermal Energy held in Pisa, 1970. Since that time the possibility of creating International Geothermal Body was further discussed and in January, 1986 the initiative was launched within the U.S. Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), now one of the IGA Affiliates. A year later geothermal specialists from different countries come together to create the Association Charter of a world association (to be named the International Geothermal Association, IGA). Finally, in 1988 the Association Charter was handed to the New Zealand Dept. of Justice. And that is how the IGA was born!

Today, we are celebrating this wonderful day with you! Many thanks for those who have supported us throughout these years and shared IGA’s mission. Happy Birthday to us!