Geothermal Energy Science

Geothermal Energy Science (GtES) is a new open access journal covering all disciplines involved in development usage of geothermal energy worldwide. Aim is to offer Scientists an opportunity to publish results in a quick, inexpensive and effective way. Readers are informed quickly and competent. As manuscripts are not only accepted in English also regional topics are welcome. The new journal is owned by IGA Service GmbH and GTV Service GmbH in equal parts.


What is open access?

The new journal is an open access journal which means that any reader has free access to the journal and a subscription in not necessary. In addition readers have the possibility to use the content of the articles. The copyright remains within the authors but they are published under Creative Commons 3.0 Licence (CC BY). This means there are no limitations for copying and distribution including changes in text and figures. Only the authors have to be mentioned.


Cooperation with the publisher

To publish the new journal in a professional way IGA Service GmbH and GtV Service GmbH cooperate with Copernicus publications. Copernicus has been publishing open access journals (actually 30) since 2001. The cooperation is regulated in a formal cooperation agreement between the three parties. IGA Service GmbH and GTV Service GmbH remain the owners of the journal.


Delivery of manuscripts

Manuscripts may be delivered any time using They will be managed using the Copernicus online manuscript managing system. Authors are supported by the publishers editorial support group. A competent group of editors reviews the manuscripts and organizes improvements with the authors. After acceptance an article will be published immediately without waiting until an entire issue of the journal may be complete. The articles will be uploaded amongst others in the international long-time databases Portico and CLOCKSS. A print version will be handed out to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek, Library of Congress und Bodleian Library.

Special issues are possible. Some articles could electronically be clustered to special topic issues (like conference proceedings).



The journal is financed by moderate author’s fees, so called Article Processing Charges (APCs). The one-page-fee is actually between 57.50 and 63.25 Euro depending on the used word system. Some research organizations and universities actually have contracts with Copernicus to cover those fees centrally.



The management of the journal is organized in several boards:

Advisory Board:
President of IGA
Vice President of IGA
President of GtV-BV
Vice President of GtV-BV (Chair GtV)
Executive Manager of GtV Service GmbH

Chief Editors:
Horst Rüter (Chief-Executive Editor)
Rolf Bracke
Juliet Newson
Ingo Sass
Martin Sauter

Roy Baria
Christian Bönnemann
D. Chandrasekharam
Willi Freeden
Martin Kaltschmitt
Winfried Kessels
Thomas Koelbel
Christian Pletl
Eduardo Roberto Ignesias Rodriguez
Ladislaus Rybach
Marietta Sander
Rüdiger Schulz
Yoonho Song
Ingrid Stober
Leonhard Thien
Volker Wittig
Bernd Wundes
Roman Zorn