International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA): Geothermal initiative in five Andean countries in Latinamerica (2013-2015)

The project was initiated with the official signing of an MoU between the IGA President Roland Horne and the Director General of IRENA Adnan Z. Amin on 17 January 2013. The signing ceremony took place in Abu Dhabi at the occasion of the World Future Energy Summit and Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Conference where the IGA had also organised a Geothermal Session.

A first collaboration was started in the five Andean countries Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru aiming at promoting geothermal energy by advising decision makers, awareness raising and an identification of the current status and needs for geothermal energy development. Joint activities are training courses, workshops and advisory.

Strategic activities include the development of initial background studies and workshops. Mentor countries are included in the project concept. The background studies will collect basic information on the status of geothermal energy development, analyse the policy framework for geothermal and sketch out the geothermal stakeholders and institutional landscape in the respective countries. Two consultants were hired by IRENA for background studies.

The IGA Service Company assists in the revision of the background studies and professional facilitation/ moderation of the first workshop which was conducted in Iceland in early March 2013

A first workshop took place from 4-5 March 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland. During the workshop the country-specific geothermal background studies were reviewed and country representatives provided additional input. Subsequently, geothermal development barriers were identified and country-specific roadmaps developed by country representatives. Focused roundtables on policy, capacity building, finance and technology assisted to focus the outcome. The workshop brought together 33 geothermal/ renewable energy experts from over 10 countries.

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