IDB Project Central America

Project of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) and the National Energy Council of El Salvador (CNE): Concept development of a Regional Geothermal Training Centre in Central America

From Oct. 2013 until Feb. 2015 the IGA Service Company and the International Geothermal Centre Bochum advise the National Energy Council of El Salvador (CNE) and the University of El Salvador in establishing a Regional Geothermal Training Centre. The project is funded by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB). The consultancy includes the following components:

  1. Training needs assessment in Latinamerica and the Caribbean
  2. Sustainable financial plan of the training centre
  3. Academic curriculum
  4. Training of lecturers
  5. Administrative plan
  6. Improvement of learning infrastructure
  7. Marketing concept
  8. Develop the scholarship programme 2014
  9. Cluster concept/ collaboration with the industry

Over the last 3 years the University of El Salvador has already conducted geothermal training courses and now wishes to improve the capacity building initiative with this technical support. The 6-month training course takes place annually. Application deadlines are in the first quarter each year with the course taking place in the third and fourth quarter. Further information is available on the website of the project partners: