Advertisement Opportunities

The IGA wishes to liaise more closely with the geothermal industry and other international partners. Advertisement space is offered in the IGA Newsletter which is distributed quarterly to all 5,000 IGA members. The IGA Newsletter can also be downloaded online:

Advertisements on the IGA homepage are also offered and are incorporated on the left/ right hand side on the IGA homepage ( .

Advertisements in the IGA Newsletter

The below table indicates the size and advertisement costs per issue(s).


Size mm

Number of Issues


4 (per issue)

Full page

185 x 245

USD 450

USD 350

Half (horizontal) page

185 x 120

USD 310

USD 215

Half (vertical) page

90 x 245

USD 310

USD 215

Quarter (horizontal) page

120 x 90

USD 195

USD 155

Quarter (vertical) page

90 x 120

USD 195

USD 155

Advertisement space offered on the IGA homepage

The space is sold on a monthly basis. The banners will be checked by the IGA Secretariat prior to publication. The advertisement space can include news of companies, event banners and company logos with a web link to the event or company website. Payment is on a monthly basis. You can submit your adverts/news item to the IGA Secretariat at