IFC-IGA Launch Event Best Practice Guide on 27 March 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey

On 27 March 2013 IFC (International Finance Corporation), a member of the Word Bank Group, together with the International Geothermal Association launched GEOTHERMAL EXPLORATION BEST PRACTICES: A GUIDE TO RESOURCE DATA COLLECTION, ANALYSIS, AND PRESENTATION FOR GEOTHERMAL PROJECTS in Istanbul, Turkey. The Guide outlines procedures and exploration techniques for geothermal projects and provides guidelines for presenting a geothermal project to funding entities and insurance companies. A focus is placed on high temperature geothermal resources for electricity generation.

Over 70 participants attended the Launch Event. A technical session and a financial session explained the contents of the Guide and details on project financing and standardized exploration techniques. The first version of the Guide from March 2013 is available for download by following this link: Download (pdf, 3.9 MB). An extensive review led to further improvements of the Guide and a 2nd revision is now available for download: Download 2nd Edition (pdf, 5.6 MB)

The Launch Event and Geothermal Best Practice Guide production and revision were generously funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) through the Geofund project. IFC and the IGA Service Company are jointly aiming at promoting geothermal energy development in Turkey and assisting developers  in initiating geothermal projects. Project focus is also to  attract potential investors, furthermore by mitigating the associated risks with the help of insurance companies. Subsequent activities after the launch event include workshops for individual developers and financial institutions in Turkey.

About IFC

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Geothermal Exploration Best Practices Guide - Downloads:

IFC-IGA Geothermal Exploration Best Practices - 2nd Edition -2014
5.62 MBDownload
IFC-IGA Geothermal Exploration Best Practices Launch Event-Agenda (short)
82.31 KBDownload


Exploration Risk Insurance Way to support financing M. Toennis
10.73 MBDownload
IFC Geothermal Engagement in Turkey P. Avato
518.81 KBDownload
Overview of Best Practices A. Robertson-Tait C. Harvey
15.54 MBDownload
Present Situation and Geothermal Potential of Turkey O. Mertoglu
177.33 KBDownload
Update of World Geothermal Developmensts C. Harvey
16.36 MBDownload

Finance stream

Costs and Financial Risks of Geothermal Projects R. Henneberger (2)
1.28 MBDownload
Geothermal Energy in Turkey-Geofund T. Harding-Newman
140.13 KBDownload
New Market Opportunities - Value Proposition for Clean Energy Finance
670.41 KBDownload
Phases of a geothermal project technical risks and risk mitigation R. Bracke
37.38 MBDownload
International Finance Corporation and Geothermal Financing Challenges
552.88 KBDownload

Technical stream

Conceptual modeling Data integration and presentation
3.36 MBDownload
Exploration Techniques C. Harvey
14.32 MBDownload
Exploration Techniques Geophysical methods H. Rueter
15.67 MBDownload
Planning Exploratory Drilling & Locating Drilling Targets S. Akar U. Solaroglu O. Atalay
13.72 MBDownload
Power Plant Development W. Harvey
4.88 MBDownload

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IFC-IGA Launch Event Best Practice Guide on 27 March 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey