Short Courses at World Geothermal Congress 2015

Short Course on Corrosion and Scaling – participants and lecturers (photo B. Kępińska)
Short Course on Corrosion and Scaling – Keith Lichti is lecturing (photo B. Kępińska)
Short Course on Electricity Generation from Low-Temperature Geothermal Resources: the participants (photo B. Kępińska)
Short Couurse on Electricity Generation from Low-Temperature Geothermal Resources: Thorleikur Johanesson is lecturing (photo B. Kępińska)
Short Course on Reservoir Engineering & Management:

Beata Kępińska (WGC2010 IGA Steering Committee, PAS MEERI)
Juliet Newson (IGA president, WGC 2015 Organising Committee, Contact Energy NZ Ltd)
Katie McLean (Contact Energy NZ Ltd)
Emily Clearwater (Geothermal Institute, University of Auckland)

As in cases of past World Geothermal Congresses, also WGC2015 in Australia – New Zealand was initiated and finished by the Short Courses. These educational events have became a sound and valuable tradition, meeting perfectly the IGA mission and main objectives of WGCs.

In 2015 six Courses were held: five Courses organised as IGA events and one Course under the World Bank flag. Five of them were run in Melbourne, Australia (18–19 April 2015 and 17–19 April 2015) while one Course were organised in Taupo (New Zealand), 27–29 April 2015.

Altogether ca. 110 participants from all continents attended five IGA Courses, and ca. 55 persons took part in the World Bank’s Course. This means that about 11% of the Congress registrants (ca. 1 500) attended the Courses, too.  The classes were conducted by 18 conveners and lecturers (IGA Courses) and 8 experts in case of WB Course.

The WGC2015 Short Courses were successfully prepared and accomplished in cooperation between the IGA Steering Committee (Beata Kępińska) and Katie McLean, Emily Clearwater, and Juliet Newson, supported by Contact Energy NZ Ltd.  Juliet Newson represented the Australia – New Zealand WGC2015 Organising Committee.  Support was also provided by Arinex Ltd, the WGC professional conference organisers.  

The topics, teams of conveners and lecturers of particular WGC2015 Short Courses were as follows:

Course 1.  Drilling, completion and testing of geothermal wells:
Convener:  Miklos Antics (France): lecturers: Hagen Hole (New Zealand), Achim Schubert (Germany), Pierre Ungemach (France).

Course 2. Electricity generation from low-temperature geothermal resources:
Convener:  Pall Valdimarsson; lecturer: Thorleikur Johannesson (both from Iceland).

Course 3. Reservoir engineering and reservoir management:
Convener:  Juliet Newson;  lecturers: Sadiq J. Zarrouk, R. Cedric Malate, Warren Mannington, Zim Aunzo (New Zealand).

Course 4. Scaling and corrosion in geothermal environment:
Convener:  Kevin Brown;  lecturers:  Keith Lichti, Michael Rock (New Zealand).

Course 5. Geothermal policy and implementation - the New Zealand example:
Convener:  Noel Kortright;  lecturers:  Bridget Robson, Kathrine Luketina, Colin Harvey (all from New Zealand).

Course 6. Reducing drilling risk – from exploration to field management:
Co-Conveners:  Gordon Bloomquist (USA), Jim Lawless (New Zealand); lecturers: Thrainn Fridriksson (Iceland), Phil White (USA), Errol Anderson (Sweden), Gudni Axelsson (Iceland), Colin Harvey (New Zealand), Hagen Hole (New Zealand).

The Courses before the Congress’ technical sessions were held in lecture rooms of the Victoria University in the centre of Melbourne, while the Course in New Zealand was conducted in Taupo Great Lake Centre. The teaching material on CD was given to each participant. All of them were also awarded the certificates of attendance.

Actual geothermal topics, outstanding experts, and active interaction of Courses’ participants made them a real success. The Courses contributed significantly to the success of the WGC2015 as a whole and to the worldwide education and promotion of geothermal energy.