About the Asia-Western Pacific Regional Branch of the IGA (AWPRB)

Objectives and geographic coverage

The second Regional Branch of the IGA covers the Asian and Western Pacific Region.

The intention of a Regional Branch of the IGA is to provide a close regional focus for members with common interests not only geographically but also in terms of similar types of geothermal resources and technical applications. In the case of the Asia-Western Pacific Regional Branch there was a strong focus on electricity generation and higher enthalpy resources, but interest incorporates other topics also with the geographical expansion of the branch.

The founding members of the Asia-Western Pacific Regional Branch for IGA are those members of the affiliated national Geothermal Associations of Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, China and New Zealand who opt to join the Regional Branch, plus other member of IGA living or working within the geographical area defined who wish to join.

The current membership exceeds 400 members.

The geographical coverage of the Asia-Western Pacific Regional Branch is the area outlined by joining the national boundaries of: India, Thailand, China, Mongolia, Japan, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, and all other countries within that area.

Activities of the AWPRB

All five core countries hold at least one annual geothermal conference/ seminar. Under the aegis of the Regional Branch, one of those conference be named as the Regional Branch Conference for that year, on a rotating basis. This fosters closer relationships and enables international participation in the conferences. In 2006 the Geothermal Workshop in Auckland was designated as the first Regional Conference, in 2007 the Annual PNOC-EDC meeting in Manila was classified as the Regional Conference and in 2008 the Indonesian Geothermal Association Annual Meeting in Bali was recognized as the Regional Conference of the Branch.

A strong tradition of co-operation exists between several of the countries in the region on geothermal development. For example during the period of rapid geothermal development in the 1980's and 1990's, there was a high degree of participation by New Zealand and Japan in geothermal research and development in Indonesia and the Philippines. With the maturing of the geothermal industries in those countries it is now much more of a partnership role, but strong linkages remain.

Structure and Bylaws

At present the Officers of the Branch are:

AWPRB revised and ratified By-laws
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How to join the IGA Regional Branch & contact addresses

As a member of the following countries, that have affiliated geothermal organizations, you can expect to be contacted by your appointed representative, or send an Email to the following:

Australia: Graeme BEARDSMORE, graeme.beardsmore@remove-this.hotdryrocks.com

China: Zhonghe PANG, z.pang@remove-this.mail.iggcas.ac.cn

New Zealand: Colin HARVEY, c.harvey@remove-this.gns.cri.nz

Japan: Kasumi YASUKAWA, kasumi-yasukawa@remove-this.aist.go.jp

Indonesia: Sanusi SATAR, s.satar@remove-this.starenergy.co.id

Philippines: Lauro BAYRANTE, bayrante@remove-this.energy.com.ph

If you are an IGA member who lives or works within the Asia-Western Pacific region, but who is not within one of the above countries, or have any questions, please send an Email directly to any forum member at the address above.

A small annual membership fee may be charged over and above the local association fee or annual IGA membership fee. Currently the branch does not charge any annual fee.