Austria - Electricity Generation

No new activity for electricity generation has been conducted in the country. An old plant (Simbach-Braunau) was decommissioned (Goldbrunner, 2015).

Development since WGC2010: non new plants since WGC2010 a small unit decommissioned.

Installed capacity 1.2 MWe                     
Geothermal Electricity 2.2 GWh/y

Source:  Ruggero Bertani, Geothermal Power Generation in the World 2010-2014 Update Report

Installed geothermal generating capacity (December 2009) in MW


In the country three small binary plants are installed: Altheim, Bad Blumau and the cross-border project of Simbach/Braunau, commissioned in 2009.

In Altheim a 106°C fluid is utilized both for district heating and for electricity production using a binary plant. The net output is 500 kW, after accounting for the 350 kW for submersible pump parasitic load.

The Bad Blumau project with 110°C fluid is exploited for heating a Spa facility and a binary plant of 180 kW net output.

At Simbach/Braunau an important district heating project has been realized, with about 40 MWth of geothermal heat and a small binary unit of 200 kW. 
The obstacles and barriers to the geothermal development in this country are quite severe and important, and it is expected only a moderate increase up to 6 MW for the year 2015. 

Taken from Ruggero Bertani’s paper, " Geothermal Power Generation in the World 2005–2010 Update Report ", published in Proceedings of the World Geothermal Congress 2010, Bali, Indonesia, 25-29 April 2010.