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Country Update: There is a potential market for direct uses in the country, such as cooling, industrial processes and bathing, especially considering that Honduras has a lot of activity by manufacturing and tourism companies. Also, due to the weather and the high temperature, cooling is needed in various setting, such as supermarkets and other industries and residential areas. In 2014, Honduras in collaboration with 4E-GIZ program has developed the project “Feasibility Study for the Development of Low and Medium Temperature Geothermal Resources for Industrial Processes” in order to promote the use of new alternatives for thermal power generation using geothermal resources of low and medium temperature. Potential sites were identified specifically in two areas in the northern part of the country (Valle de Sula and Sambo Creek). A number of swimming pools are reported using geothermal energy. These are estimated to have an installed capacity of 1.933 MWt and an annual energy use of 45 TJ/yr (Henriquez, 2015).

Taken from: John W. Lund and Tonya L. Boyd
Published in Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy 2015 Worldwide Review

Total thermal installed capacity in MWt:1.9
Direct use in TJ/year45
Direct use in GWh/year12.5
Capacity factor0.74

A number of swimming pools are reported to be using geothermal energy; however, no estimates of energy use were made. Attempts are being made to visit these remote sites and determine the energy data (Lagos and Gomez, 2010). In the WGC2000 paper (Castillo and Salgado, 2000) and reported for WGC2005 (Lund et al., 2005) three pool sites (Tamara, Gracias 1 and Gracias 2) were being heated by geothermal water. A total of 0.7 MWt of installed capacity and 17.0 TJ/yr of utilization were reported. Recent communications from Lagos (2009) indicated that the two major pool sites are estimated at 1.933 MWt – thus, one of the authors (Lund) estimates the annual energy use at 45.0 TJ/yr.

Taken from the paper by John W. Lund, Derek H. Freeston, and Tonya L. Boyd: "Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy 2010 Worldwide Review"; published in Proceedings of the World Geothermal Congress 2010, Bali, Indonesia, 25-29 April 2010