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Country Update: The country continues to develop both their high enthalpy and low enthalpy resources, especially most recently in new thermal areas associated with sedimentary basins. This has allowed the development of therapeutic-recreational complexes that are generating new sources of revenue for the region. A number of new low enthalpy resources are being developed and put into production for potential direct-use applications. These include 10 areas in the provinces of Cordoba, Corrientes, Misiones and Buenos Aires that are under development and four areas in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Corrientes that are under production. Many of these projects are in close proximity to the large population centers of Buenos Aires and Gran Buenos Aires (more than 20 million inhabitants). Other developments are located in the Mesopotamia and the Pampa Humeda regions, mainly in the form of therapeutic recreational complexes. A total of 72 sites are reported to utilize geothermal water for direct-use ranging in temperature from 24 to 75°C. Three sites are used for individual space heating, two for greenhouse heating, two for fish farming, one for snow melting, 67 for bathing and swimming and two for other uses (animal farming). No uses of geothermal heat pumps are reported.

Taken from: John W. Lund and Tonya L. Boyd
Published in Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy 2015 Worldwide Review

Total thermal installed capacity in MWt:307.47
Direct use in TJ/year3,906.74
Direct use in GWh/year1,085.3
Capacity factor0.40

Development of geothermal resources increased in the last few years with the discovery of new thermal areas linked to sedimentary basins that belong to the hydrothermal conductive system, along with advanced research of high enthalpy thermal fields. This allowed the development of new therapeutic-recreational complexes that generated income for different regions of the country.

During the last five years 11 new projects were started and are now in the exploration field for direct-use. These projects are being considered for recreational therapeutic facilities and to supply drinking water to nearby towns.

At present there are 64 bathing and swimming development, two greenhouse sites, two fish farms, one snow melting site, and three space heating sites. A summary of the installed capacity and annual energy uses for the various sites were provided, however, several uses had to be estimated from combined uses by one of the authors (Boyd).

The various applications of geothermal direct use are:

22.25 MWt and 295.82 TJ/yr for individual space heating;
20.44 MWt and 269.95 TJ/yr for greenhouse heating;
19.9 MWt and 252.92 TJ/yr for fish farming;
2.00 MWt and 15.14 TJ/yr for snow melting (at Copahue in the Andes);
91.36 MWt and 2,169.74 TJ/yr for bathing and swimming;
1.62 MWt and 44.62 TJ/yr for other uses (water consumption);
149.90 MWt and 858.55 TJ/yr for geothermal heat pumps.

The total for the country is 307.47 MWt and 3,906.74 TJ/yr.

Taken from the paper by John W. Lund, Derek H. Freeston, and Tonya L. Boyd: "Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy 2010 Worldwide Review"; published in Proceedings of the World Geothermal Congress 2010, Bali, Indonesia, 25-29 April 2010