Geochemical Characteristics and 222Rn Measurements at Cuitzeo Basin (Mexico) Thermal Springs and Artesian Wells

Authors: Nuria Segovia, Rosa Maria Barragan, Enrique Tello, Ruth Alfaro and Manuel Mena
Keywords: Low-medium temperature geothermal resources; Cuitzeo, Michoacan, Mexico; water geochemistry, radon
Conference: World Geothermal Congress Session: 8. Geochemistry
Year: 2005 Language: English
Geo Location:
Abstract: Water samples from springs and wells from the Cuitzeo Basin (Michoacan state, Mexico) have been studied to investigate the main geochemical features of deep waters assessing moderate temperature geothermal resources in Mexico for direct uses. Radon measurements were also performed. Waters were classified as bicarbonate, chloride and sulfate according to their origin. Partially equilibrated and immature waters were found with reservoir temperatures ranging between 129 and 216?C. Silica temperature results indicate that the reservoir temperatures range between 100 and 200 C. Those temperatures are useful not only for direct uses but also for the generation of electricity. The average groundwater radon concentration values were relatively low indicating an efficient fluid circulation pattern.
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