Using Geodetic Data to Understand Hydrothermal Fluid Flow

Authors: D. W. Vasco
Keywords: Geodetic data, inverse methods, flow and transport
Conference: Stanford Geothermal Workshop Session: Geophysics
Year: 2005 Language: English
Geo Location:
Abstract: Fluid flow in hydrothermal and magmatic systems frequently induces observable surface deformation. Such deformation can be used to better understand the factors controlling flow, for example, the role of faults as conduits or barriers to flow. In this talk I describe how surface deformation data can be used to obtain qualitative and quantitative information about subsurface flow associated with hydrothermal systems. Emphasis will be on the advantages of combining multiple geodetic data sets and components of displacement. Examples from several geothermal and magmatic systems, such as Coso and Long Valley, will be discussed.
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