Recovery of Lithium from Geothermal Water in the Hatchobaru and Ohtake Area in Kyushu

Authors: Yoshinaga, T., Yanagase, K., Kawano, K., Ueda, Y.
Conference: New Zealand Geothermal Workshop Session: Thailand, Japan
Year: 1982 Language: English
Geo Location:
Abstract: The recovery of lithium from geothermal water at the Hatchobaru area in Kyushu, Japan was investigated. A coprecipitation method using aluminium salts was employed, The lithium concentration in geothermal water used in the present study was about 10 ppm. To make our experimental results more applicable for geothermal water, the reference 1ithium solution( ppm) was so studied as a control solution. A perfect recovery of lithium was obtained for the reference lithium solution by choosing appropriate conditions. For geothermal water, the yield of Li recovery was not so good comparing with a control solution. However, an almost complete recovery of lithium was attained from geothermal water by the removal of calcium ion and polymeric silicic acid. The mechanism of lithium recovery was so discussed.
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