Low-Cost, Flexible Data Acquisition System Based on Commercial Off-The-shelf Hardware, Open Source Software and Radio Modem Communication

Authors: Peter Jonsson, Jan-Erik Rosberg
Keywords: low-cost, data acquisition, open source
Conference: Stanford Geothermal Workshop Session: Field Studies
Year: 2006 Language: English
Geo Location:
Abstract: In the paper, a data acquisition system is described, that was built and used in connection with the Lund Deep Geothermal project 2002-2004. The measurement system was used in several drilling and test phases of the project, with minimal re-configuration. To avoid running long cables, radio modems were used wherever practical. The design was based on industry standard, low-cost equipment, and to a large extent with free, open-source software platforms. Graphs and tables were available in real time on- and off-site, using dedicated display programs that could run on non-dedicated computers, as well as on the Internet (web browsers) and by using cell phones with WAP technology. The system was used and extended for 40 months between 2002 and 2005.
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