The Review of Worldwide Geothermal Top of Reservoir with JIWA T.o.R

Authors: Muhammad Fahran Fauzan TANDIPANGA, Annisa’ AMALIA, Chelsea CASTRO, Muhammad SIDQI, Jantiur SITUMORANG
Keywords: Top of reservoir, Base of Conductive, BPD, Geothermometer, drilling, exploration drilling, JIWA
Conference: Stanford Geothermal Workshop Session: Geology
Year: 2021 Language: English
Abstract: JIWA Top of Reservoir (T.o.R.) is a new analytic tool introduced by AILIMA to estimate the geothermal T.o.R. uncertainties in the exploration phase. This tool is tested in this research by employing the exploration data from geothermal fields around the world to simulate geothermal T.o.R estimation prior to exploration drilling.
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