JIWA T.o.R: Estimation of Geothermal Top of Reservoir Uncertainties in the Exploration Drilling

Authors: Muhammad SIDQI, Jantiur SITUMORANG, Muchamad HARRY, Thomson NAINGGOLAN
Keywords: top of reservoir, exploration, JIWA, drilling, exploration drilling
Conference: Stanford Geothermal Workshop Session: Geology
Year: 2021 Language: English
Abstract: Understanding the uncertainties of geothermal T.o.R (Top of Reservoir) is crucial while designing drilling prognosis and managing drilling operation. In the exploration stage, the uncertainty of T.o.R is higher due to unavailable or minimal information from offset well. A probabilistic approach to estimate T.o.R uncertainties has been developed by incorporating geoscience and reservoir engineering best practices. The proposed technique is established in JIWA T.o.R, an analytic tool in JIWA System to allow a quick simulation and integration of M.T, thermal manifestations, and topography information of the well to be drilled. The embedded steam table and Monte Carlo simulator enables the results to be provided in a probabilistic manner, promoting better risk analysis in the exploration stage. It is intended that through the application of this technique, the exploration drilling risks (i.e., setting production casing depth) can be substantially minimized.
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