Potential Use of Geothermal Heat in Lithium- Ion Battery Production

Authors: Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR, Pai-chun TAO, Hlynur STEFANSSON, William HARVEY
Keywords: lithium ion battery, geothermal energy, energy cost, carbon emission
Conference: World Geothermal Congress Session: Direct Use
Year: 2015 Language: English
Abstract: The lithium-ion battery is an attractive technology for energy storage in many recent and emerging applications. However, the cost of lithium-ion batteries limits their penetration in the public market and the environmental impact of their production is an issue. Energy input is a significant cost driver for lithium batteries due to both the electrical and thermal energy required in the production process. The drying process requires 45~57% of the energy consumption of the production process according to a model presented in this paper. The model is used as a base for quantifying the energy and temperatures at each step, as replacing electric energy with geothermal energy is considered and the impact on carbon emissions for the production process is evaluated.
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