Bol’she-Bannaya Hydrothermal System: New Thermometric Survey Data and the Position of the System Relative to Karymshina Caldera (South Kamchatka)

Authors: Aleksei ROGOZIN, Vladimir LEONOV, Oksana SOBOLEVSKAYA
Keywords: hydrothermal system, thermometric survey, Karymshina caldera, Kamchatka
Conference: World Geothermal Congress Session: Geology
Year: 2015 Language: English
Abstract: The report presents new data obtained by thermometric survey made during field works held in 2004-2007 at the area of Bol’she-Bannaya hydrothermal system, located in the valley of Bannaya river. As a result of this work a thermometric mapping of the main thermal field of the hydrothermal system was done. The new thermometric map was compared to similar mappings made by Kamchatka Geological Survey in 1960s. The mapped area includes the main thermal field and has dimensions of about 400x400 m. It is shown that a greater role in the structure of the thermal field play fault dislocations crossing the valley of Bannaya river in a NW direction. Also there were identified faults which delineate the Karymshina caldera at it's NW part and essentially redistribute the thermal water and vapor flow coming from the depth. Previosly distinguished dislocations elongated in NNE direction are manifested in the surface structure less clearly and seem to be typical for the greater depths. The structural model of the formation of the main thermoanomaly at Bol’she-Bannaya hydrothermal system was developed.
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