Flow Testing of Balçova Geothermal Field - Turkey

Keywords: Balçova geothermal field, well testing, reinjection
Conference: World Geothermal Congress Session: Reservoir Engineering
Year: 2015 Language: English
Abstract: Balçova geothermal field is located in a densely populated area which makes direct heat applications as very efficient and economical. Produced heat from Balçova geothermal field is utilized for three main purposes: greenhouse heating, balneology and residential heating. Among these three applications, the latter one is the main application throughout the Balçova District Heating System. The field is producing from two different horizons one shallow and one deeper zone. After 16 years of utilization few wellbores of deeper zone had to be abandoned because of operational difficulties and new wellbores were drilled in the same zone. Interference tests were carried out during flow testing of newly drilled wellbores. Analysis of pressure response of observation wellbores to the production/injection practices indicated that there exists very strong connection within the wellbores of the same zone. In addition, there exists also a hydraulic weaker connection between shallower and deeper zones. Response of the field to the operational changes in production/injection applications will also be presented.
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