Deformation at Brady Hot Springs Geothermal Field Measured by Time Series Analysis of InSAR Data

Authors: S. Tabrez ALI, Nicholas C. DAVATZES, Kurt L. FEIGL, Herb F. WANG, William FOXALL, Robert J. MELLORS, John AKERLEY, Ezra ZEMACH, Paul SPIELMAN
Keywords: EGS, InSAR
Conference: Stanford Geothermal Workshop Session: Enhanced Geothermal Systems
Year: 2015 Language: English
Abstract: We analyze interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data acquired between 2004 and 2014, by multiple satellite missions, to measure and characterize time-dependent deformation at the Brady Hot Springs geothermal field in western Nevada. Results from inverse modeling suggest that the deformation is a result of volumetric contraction in shallow units, likely associated with damaged regions where fault segments interact mechanically and that the rate of deformation is decreasing linearly over time.
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