Mapping of Faults And Fractures From Lansat and Aerial Photograph in The Lahendong Geothermal Field, North Sulawesi

Authors: Eben Ezer Siahaan & Bambang Budiardjo
Conference: Indonesian Geothermal Association Conference Session: Posters
Year: 2001 Language: English
Geo Location:
Abstract: An interpretation of lineaments was based on the aerial photographs, landsat thematic mapper that was processed for the structural geology and later supported by the field ground-truthing. Thise techniques were applied in order to make the Fault and Altered rock Density Map (FADM) of Lahendong field. The FADM shows the hydrology pattern of Lahendong where an upflow zone is associated with the high density of faults around the crater lake of Linow that flows to the western side. The FADM also provides that the permeable zone is coreable with the existence of production wells.
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