Results from the Averaging Model for Cuttings Transport in Horizontal Drilling

Authors: Salazar-Mendoza, R.; Garcia-Gutierrez, A.
Keywords: Drilling; Two-phase, cuttings transport, solid-liquid flow, drilling modeling, volume averaging
Conference: Geothermal Resources Council Transactions Session: Drilling; Two-phase; cuttings transport; solid-liquid flow;
Year: 2006 Language: English
Abstract: The Averaging Model for Cuttings transport in Horizontal Drilling was used to study the process of Cuttings transport for the three main flow patterns: Case I The fully suspended flow, Case II The flow with a stationary bed and Case III The flow with a moving bed. The models for all cases are in one-dimensional form. The one-dimensional models were solved numerically by using the finite difference technique in the implicit scheme. The numerical results were compared with experimental data and theoretical results reported in the literature and a good agreement was found.
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