Development and Use of a Return Line Flowmeter for Lost Circulation Diagnosis in Geothermal Drilling

Authors: Glowka, D. A.; Schafer, D. M.; Scott, D. D.; Wernig, M. D.; Wright, E. K.
Keywords: Drilling; Flow Meter; Lost Circulation; Rolling Float meter; Mud Costs; Design; Operations; Laboratory Testing; Field Testing; Calibrations; Diagnosis; Mud Flow; Mud Pumps; Delta Flow Measurements; Delta Flow Rate Monitoring
Conference: Geothermal Resources Council Transactions Session: Drilling; Flowmeters; Lost circulation; Equipment design
Year: 1992 Language: English
Abstract: This paper describes the development of a new drilling fluid outflow meter for use in the diagnosis and characterization of lost circulation experienced during the drilling of geothermal wells. The design and operation of the new meter, known as the rolling float meter, is described, and its laboratory and field performance data are presented. Considerations for using the rolling float meter with pump speed indicators for lost circulation characterization are discussed. Procedures for calibrating the flowmeters and data display and analysis techniques are outlined.
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