Differences in Mud Systems for Geothermal Production and Wire Line Coring Rigs

Authors: Polk, Gene; Brown, Robert K.
Keywords: Drilling; Mud; USA; New Mexico; Valles Caldera; Diamond Core Drilling; Drilling Medium; Lost Circulation Zone; Equipment; Operations; Slim Hole; Core Hole; Rotary Rig; Planning
Conference: Geothermal Resources Council Transactions Session: Drilling; Core sampling; Drilling fluids
Year: 1991 Language: English
Abstract: There is indeed a difference! A difference between the technology involved in the design and maintenance of a wire line coring fluid and the design and maintenance of production drilling fluids. There is a similarity in the testing equipment and the parameters used to check both of these two drilling systems. At this point products and applications begin to vary. The terminology used by drillers changes, annular sizes change from inches to tenths of inches. Both System s have a difference in drilling techniques, hole sizes, annular spaces, RPMs of the drill string, etc., that they require their own special drilling fluid technology. This paper explains these differences and how to design and maintain a high temperature coring fluid for wire line exploration drilling.
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