Type Curves for Resistivity Sounding with Two-Electrode, Wenner, Schlumberger, and Dipole-Dipole Arrangements for a Two-, Three-, Four-, and Five-Layered Model

Authors: Onodera, Seibe
Keywords: Exploration; Japan; Kyushu; Dipole; Resistivity; Resistivity Layers; Type Curves
Conference: Geothermal Resources Council Transactions Session: Exploration; Geophysical surveys; Resistivity surveys
Year: 1982 Language: English
Abstract: Type curves for resistivity sounding with the two electrode, Wenner, Schlumberger, and Dipole-Dipole arrays are presented for a two, three, four and five layered earth, based on the theory of classification of relative resistivity sounding. These graphs are useful to get an elementary knowledge of the interpretation of resistivity sounding curves for various electrode arrangements.
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