Sampling Procedure for Atmospheric Geothermal Brines

Authors: Kochelek, J. T.; Zienty, D. F.
Keywords: Brine Technology; USA; California; Chemistry; Analytical Methods; MCR Geothermal Well; Sample Collection; Sample Preservation
Conference: Geothermal Resources Council Transactions Session: Geochemical surveys; Brine chemistry
Year: 1981 Language: English
Abstract: Thermodynamic and chemical changes can alter the characteristics of geothermal brine samples significantly. A procedure which minimizes these changes has been developed for sampling atmospheric geothermal brines. The method is fast with minimal cooling and yields representative samples which have been stabilized to preserve their integrity. The procedure provides reliable suspended solids data and both the solid and liquid samples are suitable for elemental analysis. The procedure is also a valuable too to aid in monitoring a geothermal brine conditioning system. Data are included from the flow test at an MCR Geothermal well in the Imperial Valley area of California to illustrate the utility of the sampling procedure.
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