A Compact Inline Separator for Sampling Liquid and Vapor from a 2-Phase Flowline

Authors: Michels, Donald E.
Keywords: Reservoir Engineering; Production; Well Tests; Sampling; Fluids; USA
Conference: Geothermal Resources Council Transactions Session: Brine chemistry; Carbon dioxide; Pipelines; Two phase flow;
Year: 1980 Language: English
Abstract: A representative sample of vapor can be obtained in a two phase flow line by providing a space in which droplets of liquid are scarce. The material in that space can be sampled through a traveling probe and condenser setup, collecting condensate, non condensable gases or both. A counterpart space can be made also in which the liquid can accumulate essentially free of vapor. A sample can be taken through the same traveling probe apparatus as used for the vapor sample. The method is an alternative to setting up a full flow separator for early testing of a well when data on compositions of the separate phases are desired.
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