Schlumberger Survey of Maui Island, State of Hawaii

Authors: Mattice, Mark D.; Lienert, Barry R.
Keywords: Exploration; USA; Hawaii; Maui Island; Geophysical Surveys; Electrical Conductivity
Conference: Geothermal Resources Council Transactions Session: Exploration; Geophysical surveys; Resistivity surveys
Year: 1980 Language: English
Geo Location:
Abstract: We present the results of 21 Schlumberger resistivity soundings made on the island of Maui. We have used the apparent resistivity data to estimate electrical resistivity's of basalt saturated with seawater for different parts of the island. The values we obtained average around 20 ohm-meters, except in one area, Ukumehame canyon, on the south rift zone of West Maui. In this area, which is the site of a warm (33°c) water well, the resistivity we interpret for the seawater saturated basalt layer is close to 4 ohm-meters. Using typical Hawaiian basalt porosity values of 15-25% we estimate the temperature of the seawater to be 95 +/- 23°C at a depth of 273 to 608 feet.
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