Development of a Low Cost Method to Estimate the Seismic Signature of a Geothermal Field from Ambient Seismic Noise Analysis

Authors: Tibuleac, Ileana M.; Pullammanappallil, Satish; Faulds, James; McLachlan, Holly
Keywords: Geothermal; seismic interferometry; Soda Lake; NV.; seismic velocity models; exploration methods
Conference: Geothermal Resources Council Transactions Session: Exploration; Geophysical surveys; Seismic noise surveys; Sei
Year: 2012 Language: English
Geo Location:
Abstract: To date, no cost effective method had been developed to estimate compressional (P), shear (S) seismic velocity models and buried fault location, which provide essential information in geothermal exploration. Although active source reflection seismic experiments provide high resolution P-velocity models and direct information on the resource availability, widespread use is costprohibitive and must be used selectively, which is difficult when no seismic information is available in the area. Thus, developing an inexpensive seismic exploration methodology and identifying new seismic parameters (attenuation, spectral and stochastic properties) to be used for geothermal reservoir characterization is essential for reducing geothermal exploration technology costs.
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