Latin America Symposium

On 14 - 15 February 2017, the International Geothermal Association (IGA) together with the International Energy Agency - Geothermal Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Geothermal TCP) and the Exhibition Centre Offenburg offered a Latin America Symposium with distinguished Latin American and international experts. The Symposium was held one day prior to the GeoTHERM 2017. 

Every year, the GeoTHERM expo & congress partners with a country or region which is presented as Guest of Honour. For 2017, the Exhibition Centre Offenburg is delighted to welcome the countries of Latin America as Guests of Honour.

Geothermal in Mexico
Michelle Ramírez Bueno, Director of Geothermal at SENER, Mexico
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Geothermal Development Facility
Jens Wirth, Senior Projektmanager at KfW Development Bank, Germany
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Insured follow-up financing for GDF promoted projects
Matthias Tönnis, Underwriter at Munic RE, Germany
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Electrical Energy in Nicaragua
Ernesto Martinez Tiffer, Executive President at ENEL, Nicaragua
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Geothermal Energy Projects of BGR in Latin America
Bernhard Stribrny, Director at BGR, Germany
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The current state of geothermal energy in Costa Rica: experience gained and challenges for the future
Leonardo Solís Salguero, ICE, Costa Rica
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Electrical Production Assessment Using Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Resources of Hot Springs at Guayabo Caldera, Costa Rica
Olman Alberto Arias Molina, Project Developer at ICE, Costa Rica
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The Private sector view of the potential for generating with low enthalpy geothermal sources in Central America
Ricardo Solera, Vice-President at FECAICA, Costa Rica
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The potencial of Geothermal Energy in Central America
Rigoberto Salazar Grande, Program-Coordinator 4E at GIZ, El Salvador
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Geothermal Energy in Peru
Alcides Claros Pacheco, Director at MINEM, Peru
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General information on Guatemala's Geothermal Energy Generation
Erick Ardón Morales / Hector Lainfienta, CEO at EIA, Guatemala
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Best Practice El Salvador
Kevin Padilla / Rosell Escobar, LaGeo S.A. de C.V. El Salvador; David Antonio López Villafuerte, President at CEL, El Salvador
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Geothermal situation in Argentina: development and investment opportunities
Alejandro Conde Serra / Carlos Guillermo Cuburu, Director at SegemAR, Argentina
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Geothermal Energy in Chile: a real situation or a dream?
Diego Morata, Director at CEGA, Chile
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Geothermal Development in Homduras
Wilmer Alexander Henriquez, Director at SERNA, Honduras
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Integrated Experience of a Low Entalpy Geothermal Project for Direct Geothermal Energy Uses and Applications
Carlos Paíz, Director at Proyecto Geotermico San Michkael, Guatemala
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