GenerationS corporate accelerator and ENEL launch a call for projects in renewable energy, thermal generation and sustainable development.Best teams will get a chance to present the product to ENEL’s top management, launch a paid pilot with ENEL Group and scale up to international markets. Participation is free of any charges.

A prototype or finished products in the following spheres are welcome:  

  • Thermal Generation:  innovative technologies to provide security of equipment and personnel,  identification of behavior, solutions to increase the level of staff training, etc.
  • Sustainable Development: solutions for recycling and reclaiming waste products and water treatment systems, etc.
  • Renewable Energy (Wind Power): innovative robotic solutions, additive technologies, AI for Safety and energy storage systems, blockchain technology to guarantee that energy originates from a renewable source, etc.

See more information on the scope of selection and apply via their website:    

Call for papers: Tracers in Deep Geothermal Systems

Contributions are now being accepted. This special issue addresses tracer investigations in geothermal systems to characterize the critical properties of geothermal reservoirs. Contributions may address new tracers or tracer test methods, and may involve single-well to multi-well tests with conservative and reactive tracers, novel tracer substances – like temperature tracing compounds and particle tracers – and environmental tracers. As tracer tests in such settings sometimes produce “strange” results and may even fail because the hydrogeological setting differs from expectations, papers addressing the reasons for anomalous results are equally welcome. Contributions utilizing chemical composition and isotope signatures to describe regional flow paths and influx from overlying and underlying strata are also sought to complement the inter-well tracer tests.

Submissions may include but are not restricted to the following topics: single-well tracer tests, multi-well tracer tests, thermal tracers, isotope tracers, thermal breakthrough, and heat exchange in reservoirs.

Guest Editors:

  •     Thomas Baumann, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  •     Mitchell Plummer, Idaho National Laboratory, USA
  •     Simone Regenspurg, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany

For further details, please see the special issue website (

7th European Geothermal Workshop dedicated to a characterization of deep geothermal systems aims at discussing new approaches, methods or data in the fields of deep geothermal reservoirs for energy exploitation, with a strong focus on on-going research. It proposes a platform of scientific exchange, especially between PhD students and scientists.

Also, during the workshop the results of GeMex project – cooperation in geothermal energy research Europe-Mexico for EGS – will be presented. The leading researchers will share the results from technology development for superhot geothermal reservoirs as well as outcome of their investigations in Los Humeros and Acoculco, Mexico.

Important dates

  • 17 September 19: Abstract submission EXTENDED deadline (approximately 500 words, fast-track review for non-European submissions).
  • 24 September 19: Registration deadline.

We are almost ready to launch our updated and extended geothermal power database. Dozens of geothermal experts have already contributed to it. Some were even mentioned in the media, like for example Dr. Azwindini Ernest Tshibalo. The Deputy Director responsible for Curriculum Development and Transformation in the College of Law (CLAW), he will be conducting data research on geothermal energy and contributing to the IGA power database.

Dr. Tshibalo says that the ambassadorship is an honour for him personally and for the university as a whole. “I will be flying the Unisa flag by gleaning power and heat data for the World Geothermal Power and Heat Database on behalf of the IGA. Research data will be analysed by the association to showcase South Africa’s potential in geothermal energy and direct uses.”

Read the full article here.

Are you also willing to represent your country and become the IGA Geothermal Ambassador? We are looking for experts worldwide with a special interest in the following countries:

Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Bolivia, China, Czech Republic, Dominica, Ethiopia, Monserrat, Philippines, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, St. Kitts and Nevis, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA.

Please send us an email ( with the subject line ‘GPD Geothermal Ambassador’ if you are interested to become the IGA Geothermal Ambassador.

Dear Geothermal Friends,

This year the International Geothermal Association is continuing the tradition of the Annual Photo Contest, but… in a different format!

First, as usual, we are awaiting a photo or a video (!) from you showcasing spectacular geothermal vistas, sites with extraordinary technical set ups and pretty landscapes including geothermal manifestations.

Second, we also want you to write a short pitch (200 words max.) for geothermal that is somehow connected to the photo you are sending. Feel free to write it in your native language and let your imagination run wild.

Third, don’t forget to include the following important information:
• Name and surname of the photographer
• Title of the picture/ video + location
• A permission statement to use your photo/ video

The prize? The winner of the best photo/ video and pitch will get a full ticket to the WGC 2020 in Reykjavik, Iceland!

Please send your Photos by 08. September 2019 to:

Show us what geothermal energy is for you and good luck!

The registration for the World Geothermal Congress 2020 has opened. Early bird registration is available until Jan 15, 2020.

The WGC 2020 will take place from 27 April – 1 May 2020 at Harpa Reykjavik Concert & Conference Centre and will bring the entire geothermal community together under the theme of Connect to the Source.

The election for the IGA Board of Directos started today, 30 June 2019 and will run until 30 September 2019.

We are proud to announce that following the Board’s decision on ensuring gender balance and equality almost 40% of current candidates are female. Click here to watch a video about nomination process.

You can vote for up to 25 of 50 candidates from 23 countries:

Abraham, SamLi, Kewen
Aguilera, PabloManzella, Adele
Ayling, BridgetMatsuda, Koji
Bignall, GregMatthiasdottir, Kristin Vala
Bjarnason, BjarniMeier, Peter
Blair, AndyMorata, Diego
Brogle, SylvainOlivar, Maria Victoria M.
Brotheridge, JaneOmenda, Peter
Capuano, LouisOyama, Hiroshi
Caranto, Joeffrey A.Prieto, Angela
Casimiro Espinoza, EmigdioRotich, Abel
Chandrasekhar, VarunSabin, Andy
Darma, SuryaSangin, Sepehr
Falcone, GioiaSchmidlee, Virginie
Guglielmetti, LucaSiratovich, Paul
Hajto, MarekSuryantini, Ninik
Harskamp, BobSvalova, Valentina
Hillbrand, GudrunSzita, Gabor
Huenges, ErnstTingshan, Tian
Izquierdo-Montalvo, GeorginaUtami, Pri
Jahrfeld, ThomasVerdoya, Massimo
Jalilinasrabady, SaeidWielenga, Jelle
Kaya, EylemWissing, Lothar
Kiryukhin, AlexeyYasukawa, Kasumi
Letvin, Amelia IdaZemedkun, Meseret

Please cast your vote here:

If you are a member of an Affiliated Organization, please contact your coordinator and get your IGA ID (log-in & password) to be able to access the IGA Voting Platform.

If you are a corporate, institutional or individual member, you will receive your login credentials from the IGA Team.

Special deals for early birds and students at prestigious geothermal energy event

(Palm Springs, California, USA)  Registration is now open for the biggest annual geothermal energy event of the year. The GRC Annual Meeting & Expowill bring together geothermal companies, academics, financiers, policy leaders, students, and other individuals to attend or exhibit at the event, to be held September 15-18 in Palm Springs, California, USA.

Early birds who register before July 31 pay only $980 as Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) members or $1,180 if non-members. The non-member registration includes GRC membership through 2020. Students with a current identification card from an accredited institution pay just $150 which also includes GRC membership through 2020.

Registration is available from the GRC website at A Program complete with a Registration Form is available to view and download. However, the GRC recommends online registration through a secured connection. The link is available on the front page of the GRC website at

The REN21 Renewables 2019 Global Status Report is now available online! It gives a comprehensive overview of the state of renewable energy. The report confirms that for the fourth consecutive year, more renewable power capacity was installed than fossil fuel and nuclear power combined

We would like to thank Rana Adib, REN21 Executive Secretary, for giving us the opportunity to be the first one to explore the Global Status Report and organizing the webinar on the ‘Global Renewable Energy Transition: Who is leading?”.

Read the full report here:

In what will become an annual, global event, REnew Day is a personal expression of support for a sustainanble future.
Hosted by the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform and Ruslana, the event enjoys the broad support of the renewable energy community. Add your personal support – join us in Bonn!
  • When: 22.06.2019
  • Where: UN Campus Bonn