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We would like to invite all our members for the Official IGA Office Bonn opening party! If you would like to celebrate #geothermal with us and meet our neighbors from United Nations, World Wind Energy Association, Global100RE, CIFOR, IFOAM – Organic International, WFTO, and other international organizations join us on 25 September (time t.b.a.) at our HQ in Bonn. We provide drinks, food, music and nice memories. The event is members-only and absolutely for free – just register, come and enjoy the party!

Willing to join the celebration? Please, register here and tell us your food and beverage preferences.

We are looking forward to seeing you in September!

The registration for the World Geothermal Congress 2020 has opened. Early bird registration is available until Jan 15, 2020.

The WGC 2020 will take place from 27 April – 1 May 2020 at Harpa Reykjavik Concert & Conference Centre and will bring the entire geothermal community together under the theme of Connect to the Source.

The election for the IGA Board of Directos started today, 30 June 2019 and will run until 30 September 2019.

We are proud to announce that following the Board’s decision on ensuring gender balance and equality almost 40% of current candidates are female. Click here to watch a video about nomination process.

You can vote for up to 25 of 50 candidates from 23 countries:

Abraham, SamLi, Kewen
Aguilera, PabloManzella, Adele
Ayling, BridgetMatsuda, Koji
Bignall, GregMatthiasdottir, Kristin Vala
Bjarnason, BjarniMeier, Peter
Blair, AndyMorata, Diego
Brogle, SylvainOlivar, Maria Victoria M.
Brotheridge, JaneOmenda, Peter
Capuano, LouisOyama, Hiroshi
Caranto, Joeffrey A.Prieto, Angela
Casimiro Espinoza, EmigdioRotich, Abel
Chandrasekhar, VarunSabin, Andy
Darma, SuryaSangin, Sepehr
Falcone, GioiaSchmidlee, Virginie
Guglielmetti, LucaSiratovich, Paul
Hajto, MarekSuryantini, Ninik
Harskamp, BobSvalova, Valentina
Hillbrand, GudrunSzita, Gabor
Huenges, ErnstTingshan, Tian
Izquierdo-Montalvo, GeorginaUtami, Pri
Jahrfeld, ThomasVerdoya, Massimo
Jalilinasrabady, SaeidWielenga, Jelle
Kaya, EylemWissing, Lothar
Kiryukhin, AlexeyYasukawa, Kasumi
Letvin, Amelia IdaZemedkun, Meseret

Please cast your vote here:

If you are a member of an Affiliated Organization, please contact your coordinator and get your IGA ID (log-in & password) to be able to access the IGA Voting Platform.

If you are a corporate, institutional or individual member, you will receive your login credentials from the IGA Team.

Dear Geothermal Friends,

This year the International Geothermal Association is continuing the tradition of the Annual Photo Contest, but… in a different format!

First, as usual, we are awaiting a photo or a video (!) from you showcasing spectacular geothermal vistas, sites with extraordinary technical set ups and pretty landscapes including geothermal manifestations.

Second, we also want you to write a short pitch (200 words max.) for geothermal that is somehow connected to the photo you are sending. Feel free to write it in your native language and let your imagination run wild.

Third, don’t forget to include the following important information:
• Name and surname of the photographer
• Title of the picture/ video + location
• A permission statement to use your photo/ video

The prize? The winner of the best photo/ video and pitch will get a full ticket to the WGC 2020 in Reykjavik, Iceland!

Please send your Photos by 17. August 2019 to:

Show us what geothermal energy is for you and good luck!

We express our thanks to the The University of Auckland and our New Zealand Board Member – Sadiq Zarrouk for inviting the IGA Board to this wonderful country. We are already looking forward to the visit.

If you happen to be in Auckland on 28-29 November 2019 we invite You – Our Member – to come and join us for our Annual General Meeting, which is open to our membership. Meet our Board Members, get involved in the talks and celebrate #lovegeothermal with us.

Prior to the Board Meeting, on 25-27 November 2019, the New Zealand Workshop will take place. Don’t miss your opportunity and register now with big discounts here:

At the IGA Board Meeting #70 in Budapest, Hungary hosted by the president of the Hungarian Geothermal Association, Mr Gábor Szita, the IGA Board of Directors has reviewed our activities in 2018 resulting in our first annual report, our financial budget for 2019 and the IGA work programme 2019 – 2021. Our financial situation has improved significantly over the past years with our focus on membership growth and the launch of our new corporate membership categories. The Board thanked the clear and effective leadership from the President of the IGA, Alexander Richter, and his executive committee, and is grateful for the new operational headquarter offered by the city of Bonn. The Board is keen to focus the IGA work programme on creating value for the geothermal community by being a platform of choice for the geothermal sector by offering:

  • Up-to-date high-quality data
  • Technology transfer – be the to go to platform for all matters geothermal
  • Connect people and show projects at world-class events
  • Promote UNFC geothermal specification through a global deployment programme
  • Build capacity and raise awareness of geothermal as a key renewable energy technology in the future energy mix

Another highlight is the signoff of 51 candidates to the ballot sheet for IGA BoD term 2020-2023 with a whopping 40% female candidacy (click here to watch a video about nomination process). The election will start on 30 June and will run until 30 September.

This time we had the honour of having Michal Kruszewski with us who presented on the topic of ‘The Developments and Challenges of Deep (High-Temperature) Geothermal Drilling and Well Completion Technology’.

Besides the formal activities during the Board meeting, the Hungarian Association showed their very kind hospitality by offering a splendid social programme including wine tasting (with wines from all over the world brought by IGA board members), music and dancing, a tour through Budapest with dinner on the Danube, and a very nice geothermal site visit to the city of Veresegyház where we were hosted by the mayor who showed us the wells, district heating system and many applications such as the local swimming pool, the music hall and a greenhouse entrepreneur producing michelin star tomatoes.

On behalf of the IGA, we thank IGA Board member Gábor Szita, his wife and all colleagues who were involved in organising the entire visit for being superhosts.

It gives you an overview on all our activities and important numbers. Please find the report here: IGA Annual Report 2019

Dear Geothermal Community,

since we are still receiving many book order requests, we are happy to announce the extension of our Geothermal Exploration Book sale until end of May.
Order the book “Geothermal Exploration – Global Strategies and Applications” now for the special price of only 45 USD. IGA members get additionally 20% off (price: 36 USD)!

Order your book here:

* price incl. VAT, excl. shipping . This offer is limited until 31.05.2019

Geothermal Exploration introduces the subject of geothermal energy and its development around the world. The text defines a series of ‘geothermal play types’ based on geological setting and then presents strategies and methodologies appropriate for each play type to move a geothermal exploration program to the stage of committing to exploration drilling. These methodologies include permitting, environmental, geology, geochemistry, geophysics and remote sensing techniques used throughout the world for specific play types. The book covers a large number of geoscientific techniques and focuses on their applications to both convective and conductive geothermal systems, with extensive reference to the international literature.

‘Ladsi Rybach is one of the best known and respected proponents of geothermal energy in the world today. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of the geothermal in Europe and through his efforts at the International Energy Agency and the International Geothermal Association his influence has been felt everywhere’

IEA-GIA Executive Committee, Bali, Indonesia, April 2010

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt that you are in the presence of someone bigger and wiser than you? Well, this is how I felt, when I first met Ladsi. Working at the IGA I’ve heard his name many times, of course. But hearing and ‘experiencing’ are two different things.

Being a true professional and simply a wonderful human being, Ladsi emits sparks of wisdom and tranquillity. Graceful and intelligent and a gentleman as he is, he always acts with poise when interacting with people. And how could it be different, if he is full of passion for what he does. Ladsi is one of the key people standing at the source of the geothermal energy and the IGA. A founding member of the International Geothermal Association, he has served the IGA Board for more than 18 years (which is more than the half of the IGA existence!) having a position of both President and Vice-President and still being active as a Committee member.
Founding members of the IGA, Castelnuovo/Italy, May 1989

His passion for geothermal is hard to overestimate. Trained as a geophysicist, he was a professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich and led the research group ‘Geothermics and Radiometry’ for more than 20 years. He has also founded a successful consulting group GEOWATT, which is still present on the market ( His achievements list is far too long, but some of his most memorable traces include more than 500 publications, about 100 geothermal conferences attended and special contribution to the high-level reports and papers including IPCC Special Report to mitigate Climate Change (2008), and of course his world-class geothermally-famous concert during WGC 2005.

Oh yes, have I mentioned that he is a professional conductor? For several decades Ladsi was the Musical Director of Orchesterverein Zurich. The special concert during WGC 2005 in Antalya, Turkey was one of his numerous concerts he has conducted in and out of Europe. The musical pieces of W. A. Mozart, J. Brahms and R. Wagner and of Turkish composers became alive under his baton.

Though having a thorny life, especially at the young age, changing countries, being a refugee, this brilliant person embraced it all and what’s more important saved his witty and special sense of humour. ‘Oh listen, I have a funny joke to tell! I remember once…’, – this is what you normally will hear from him. And be prepared to enjoy an amusing story somehow related to the Geothermal Community.

Ladsi’s entry to geothermal started initially in the early 1970s from his engagement in uranium exploration. He got acquainted with the radioactive heat generation of rocks. From there he came to work with heat flow (was active in the International Heat Flow Commission 1975-1987 and 1995-2003) and understood the relevance of this energy source. Now, he is sure that geothermal energy should play a role that corresponds to its great resource potential and when talking about his passion for geothermal, he always says: ‘But it’s down there, everywhere! Just use it for God’s sake!’.

His main interests in geothermal lie in the sphere of ground source heat pumps, sustainability and EGS. Right now, Ladsi is 84 years old, retired (but not tired!) and lives in Switzerland with his wife Ruth and son Manuel (a banker).

What did I want to say with this IGA Special? I believe, it is important to find the time to acknowledge and thank people we meet now and then. Last year, I’ve met an outstanding advocate of geothermal and I would like to thank him on behalf of the IGA and the Global Geothermal Community for bringing geothermal to the forefront of the international stage and reminding us that we still have a long way to go. Thank you, Ladsi.

May the geothermal warmth will heat your heart and home for many years to come.

From IGA with #lovegeothermal,

p.p. IGA Team

The International Geothermal Association (IGA) seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from member organisations who would like to  host the World Geothermal Congress (WGC) in the year 2023. Please download the Invitation for further Information: EOI-WGC2023 (pdf, 2,5 MB)

Please submit your documents (pdf only) until 30 April 2019, 0:00 CET by E-Mail to:

No registration on our website prior to submission is required.