The Fort Nelson First Nation in British Columbia, Canada: the drilling of two full-size geothermal wells in the Clarke Lake field has now been completed.

Clarke Lake Geothermal Project also became “Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal”, which means “water steam”. An indigenous name is a step towards decolonizing the site’s identity and was chosen to represent the traditional Dene territory.

Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal is a state of the art project that will revolutionize the North by creating opportunities for generations to come. Fort Nelson First Nation is pursuing this sustainable energy project to create a vibrant future for our people and our neighbouring communities.

Chief Gale of Fort Nelson First Nation, Chair of Deh Tai LP

Early field results confirm the existence of highly porous rock and high temperatures in the geothermal reservoir of 120 degrees Celsius or more.

The International Geothermal Association is happy to welcome Eavor as a new corporate club member.

Eavor is a technology based Energy company led by a team dedicated to creating a clean, reliable and affordable energy future on a global scale.

Absolutely thrilled to see Eavor joining the global stage and supporting the IGA in its mission: developing geothermal energy anywhere to contribute to a low-carbon and affordable future energy mix. Exciting times to be in geothermal – welcome to the club Eavor!

Marit Brommer, IGA Executive Director

Eavor’s solution (Eavor-Loop™) represents the world’s first truly scalable form of clean, baseload and dispatchable power. As a completely closed-loop system, Eavor has the advantage of no fracking, no GHG emissions, no earthquake risk, no water use, no produced brine or solids, and no aquifer contamination. Eavor instead circulates a benign working fluid which is completely isolated from the environment in a closed-loop, much like a massive subsurface radiator.

Eavor is pleased to align with organizations that continue to bring awareness and shine a light on the geothermal industry.  The IGA is an excellent example of continuing to push the needle forward and Eavor is proud to support

John Redfern, CEO Eavor

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Support the renewable energy development in the geothermal Indonesian sector today!

The Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) as the premier association for geothermal sector in Indonesia, brings you the 2nd DIIGC 2021 which will be held in conjunction with the 21st Annual Scientific Convention of the Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA).

The 2nd Indonesia International Geothermal Convention (DIGC) 2021 will be held on 21 – 24 September 2021 through Zoom Application Platform. This year’s theme is “Advancement Through Creative Technology Innovation”.

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Our global network of geothermal leaders keeps on growing! We are delighted to continue working with Orkuveita Reykjavíkur. For the past few years Orkuveita Reykjavíkur has been supporting the vision of the IGA and we are happy to have such a strong partner underpinning our mission.

Orkuveita Reykjavíkur is a power and utility company owned by three municipalities. Through three subsidiaries, resources are utilised in a sustainable and cost-effective manner to serve households, businesses and institutions in accordance with statutory obligations at fair and competitive prices.

Currently, the district heating utilities are the largest geothermal utility operations run by the company.

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The exploration risk for geothermal wells is high, as the desired flow rates can often not be achieved due to insufficient permeability of the rocks in production horizons. Processes are already known from the oil and gas industry that can in principle be used to increase the permeability of a reservoir.

However, the conditions, which are typical for oil and gas reservoirs, cannot simply be transferred to geothermal reservoirs. These are often formations of hard rock where the water jet technology used in the RJD process has no or too low drilling performance.

In the Micro Turbine Drilling (MTD) project, a method is to be developed with which the permeability can be increased even in very hard production horizons of geothermal wells. The solution is based on the principle of RJD. Preliminary tests carried out with functional prototypes confirm the basic functionality and thus the great potential of the technology.

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Our global network of geothermal leaders keeps on growing! We are delighted to welcome ENEL Green Power as our new corporate club member.

ENEL Green Power drives the shift to a decarbonized society, enabling stakeholders to access renewable energy for sustainable living. ENEL Green Power has plants powered by renewable resources all around the world. The company is working to set new standards in the field of sustainable energy, constantly pushing technological limits and fostering stakeholder awareness.

The company is present in 32 countries across 5 continents and has over 1,200 plants. It has around 49 GW of installed renewable capacity generated from a mix of resources, including wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal.

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International Geothermal Association is hapy to announce the new partnership with New Energy for the 8th Geothermal Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean (GEOLAC 2021), taking place September 8-10, 2021.

GEOLAC 2021 arrives at a critical time for the industry – and for the region. What role can geothermal play in re-activating Latin American and Caribbean economies post-Covid and how can it help the region respond to the need to decarbonize? Join us at GEOLAC 2021 as we address the pivotal questions.

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ETH Zurich established with the “Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geosciences and Geoenergies” a unique research infrastructure in a tunnel 1.5 kilometres below the Swiss Alps. In the BedrettoLab, ETH Zurich studies in close collaboration with national and international partners questions related to geothermal energy, earthquake physics and the deployment of novel techniques and sensors in these fields.

The BedrettoLab is launching a newsletter, which is available in English. Sign up here to gain exclusive insights and to learn about current developments at the BedrettoLab!

Image credit: Installation of the monitoring sensors. © Swiss Seismological Service at ETH Zurich, 2020 (Image:

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The International Geothermal Association is very happy to welcome GEOLOG as a new corporate club member. We are excited to see such a valuable player as part of our global industry network.

´Born 40 years ago to support the Italian Geothermal industry, Geolog has expanded its expertise working in numerous and diverse Geothermal ‘hotspots’ including Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, Chile and France. I am happy to now see a resurgence of interest in this everlasting source of sustainable energy and happy that Geolog can help its customers in reducing the costs and uncertainties of their geothermal wells, conscious that a thorough understanding of the geology is key to the commercialisation of any geothermal project´.

Richard Calleri, CEO Geolog

GEOLOG is a world leader in oilfield services delivering solutions and expertise to National, International and Independent Oil, Gas and Geothermal operators globally. Since its founding in Milan, Italy in 1982, GEOLOG has developed effective and cost-effective alternative solutions to complex and expensive downhole measurement tools.

As part of its strategy to become the global supplier of choice, GEOLOG has gained experience in over 70 countries worldwide, performing services and assisting operators onshore and offshore, during exploration, development and appraisal programs in shallow to ultra-deep water, HP/HT, unconventional oil and gas and geothermal wells.

´In the coming decade we will see the geothermal sector scale up to a mature energy provider that is able to offer a cost-effective, clean, baseload supply to its customers. We are delighted having Geolog joining us as corporate member with their vision on sustainability and the role of the subsurface for achieving SDG 7: Clean and affordable energy for all.´

Marit Brommer, IGA Executive Director

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – May 21, 2021 – A climate resilient economy will enable Ethiopia to align social, economic and environmental development to become a middle-income country by 2025. Enhancing sustainable agriculture that empowers smallholders and develops effective irrigation systems will be crucial to achieving food security, a key economic and environmental priority for Ethiopia.

The 2021 P4G Seoul Summit on May 30 – 31, 2021 will scale transformative partnerships accelerating Ethiopia’s climate actions. This leading global event, hosted by the Republic of Korea, will unite Heads of State, CEOs, civil society leaders and investors to scale these innovative partnerships making a difference on-the-ground in Ethiopia and beyond.

“As Ethiopia establishes its leadership for inclusive climate action in Africa, multistakeholder partnerships will help us to meet ambitious goals for food security and climate resilience. P4G’s groundbreaking partnerships are well-aligned to advance our economic priorities and make progress on our climate commitments,” said Fekadu Beyene, Commissioner, Environment, Forest, and Climate Change Commission of Ethiopia and P4G Board member.

P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 – is a global platform pioneering green partnerships that are aligned with Ethiopia’s climate resilience and sustainable growth ambitions. 

P4G’s Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity Partnership boosts sustainable coffee production for gourmet markets while improving farmer livelihoods and restoring the forest ecosystem in Ethiopia. Through the innovative deployment of renewable energy and sustainable farming practices, the partnership will increase coffee yields by 10 times within 5 years. This can combat poverty and double farmer incomes.

Ethiopia is also improving its food security through P4G’s Sustainable Food Partnership, which aims to produce nutritious and affordable biscuits with locally sourced ingredients. The partnership is building a collaborative and replicable model that includes global leaders in food production and Ethiopian biscuit manufacturers and farmers. It addresses Ethiopia’s need to enhance food security and improve livelihoods for smallholder farmers. The partnership will present its biscuit prototype in conjunction with the P4G Summit.

“Ethiopia’s dynamic focus on core priorities of food security complements P4G’s innovative approach to the food and agriculture chain. As P4G looks to bring in leading private sector stakeholders, including in industry and technology, proactive engagement from P4G’s influential global network strengthens the transformative impact of Ethiopia’s partnerships,” said Ian de Cruz, Global Director, P4G.

The Smallholder Solar Pump Alliance partnership will build a financially sustainable and scalable system for solar-powered pumps, improving water access and affordability for smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. The partnership is piloting models across the country to efficiently power irrigation, a key agricultural priority for Ethiopia.

The P4G Summit will also accelerate Ethiopia’s diversification of renewable energy through the geothermal industry. The GeoFutures GreenInvest partnership will de-risk sustainable investment opportunities by establishing an investment fund to provide loans and a premium finance facility to early-stage geothermal project developers. GeoFutures GreenInvest aims to support 600 MW of low cost, reliable geothermal power in Kenya and Ethiopia – supplying more than 31.5 million people with power and avoiding almost 3.1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

“P4G’s ability to connect our partnership with key policy stakeholders and impact investors enables us to expand our reach and create the change necessary to advance geothermal energy, which will be a game-changer for Ethiopia’s sustainable development,” said Julian Richardson, CEO, Parhelion.

P4G currently accelerates seven transformative partnerships in Ethiopia.For more information on all the partnerships, please visit,  

About the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit

The 2021 P4G Seoul Summit, hosted by the Republic of Korea, is a leading global acceleration moment scheduled for May 30 -31. It will uniteHeads of State, CEOs, civil society leaders and investors around the theme of an “Inclusive Green Recovery Towards Carbon Neutrality.” This key moment will boost market-based partnerships and rally high-level political and private sector action to invest in P4G and scale these innovative solutions in P4G partner countries and beyond. The P4G Summit will be a stepping stone to COP26. It provides a global opportunity for countries to step up their ambitions and show the alignment of P4G partnerships with the global action agenda. Learn more about the Summit and ways to participate.

About P4G – Pioneering Green Partnerships, Investing in Impact

P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 – is a global platform pioneering green partnerships to build sustainable and resilient economies. P4G bridges the gap between development and investment agendas to deliver inclusive, transformative solutions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. P4G mobilizes a global ecosystem of 12 partner countries and 5 organizational partners to unlock opportunities for more than 50 partnerships working in five SDG areas: food and agriculture, water, energy, cities and circular economy.