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Affiliated Organizations

National geothermal organizations involved in geothermal research and activities that support and promote geothermal energy on a country level

Georgian Geothermal Association
Hungarian Thermal Energy Society
Macedonian Geothermal Association
Serbian Geothermal Association
Geothermal Council of the Energy Society P.R. China

Affiliated Membership Fees

fee by World Bank Country Income Group*
Organisation sizeMembersHigh Upper MiddleLower Middle/Low
Mega> 601800060004000
Super Big451 – 600600040002500
Big301 – 450400025001300
Middle151 – 30025001300650
Small81 – 1501300650400
Super Small51 – 80650400200
Tiny21 – 50400200100
Super Tiny5 – 2020010080

all fees are in USD ($)

Please note: when paying by credit card the fee is converted into EUR (€) according to the current exchange rate

* http://www.worldbank.org/

Non-binding Affiliated Membership Request

Yes, our Affiliation wants to be an IGA member. Please contact us for further details: